Is Your Water heater Leaking? Here's What To Do.

Water Heater Leak Detection & Repair Services in Southwest Florida

A water heater leak can cause severe damage to your property extremely rapidly. For example, in the Union County, PA, Government Center a few years ago, the water heater burst and spewed more than 2,000 gallons of water throughout the building, leading to more than $100,000 worth of damages. Of course, damages are rarely that extreme. In fact, sometimes, the issue can be very difficult to spot, with a slow leak over time leading to other nefarious issues such as mold and damage to your building’s foundations. That’s why professional leak detection is worth getting if you have even a slight suspicion that your water heater is leaking. Whether you are looking for water heater leak detection services or water heater repair and property restoration services, FloStop offers fast, reliable, 24/7 services in and around Sarasota, Naples, and Fort Myers. If your water heater is leaking, act fast to mitigate damages. Contact FloStop Restoration LLC today for a free quote or for emergency services.

Why Hire FloStop to Fix Your Water Heater Leak

  • 24/7 emergency response time – less than 60 minutes

  • Deductible assistance up to $1,000

  • $0 cash down $0 out of pocket many times

  • Certified IICRC licensed and insured

  • Free estimate

  • Approved to work with most insurance companies

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Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

Is your water heater leaking and you don’t know what to do? Not to worry, you found the right water restoration company. If this is an emergency situation, locate the shut-off valve and turn the water off to the water heater.

FloStop is your local Southwest Florida expert for all types of water removal and restoration services, and we’re ready 24/7 to help you. No matter what caused the water damage to your property, or the level of severity, our experienced professionals can bring your property back to normal.

If you need water damage restoration services, please reach out to us, pronto!

What Causes a Water Heater to Leak?

  1. Damaged pressure relief valve

  2. Ill-fitting cold water inlet pipe or hot water outlet pipe

  3. Damaged storage tank

  4. Loose heater drain valve

Whatever the cause is determined to be, getting it fixed fast can be the difference between a $100 repair and a $10,000 repair.

Our Commitment to Thorough, Effective Water Heater Repair & Property Restoration

Our certified and professionally trained technicians will assess the extent of damage, recommend actions to resolve the problem, and provide an accurate estimate of repairs for the work — free of charge. We work with all insurance companies and offer up to $1,000 deductible assistance.

From the beginning of the process, with the initial evaluation, all the way to the end where your property is restored to its previous state, FloStop Restoration LLC is here to help you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on consistently communicating with you to help you understand the process. We are committed to saving as much of your property as possible. We also treat each and every client like family, and our crew is 100% dedicated to providing you premium-quality service, extremely fast response times, and the most competitive prices for water heater leak repair, cleanup, and restoration services in all of Southwest Florida. Contact us to begin renewing your property ASAP!

We Treat Your Home or Business Like Its Our Own

For flooded areas with small exposure, usually limited to one room, performing the clean-up yourself may be the best option. If a water leak has affected multiple rooms, traveled from an upper level to a lower level of the home, or has been left unnoticed for more than eight hours, professional water mitigation and specialized drying equipment may be necessary.

If you need water damage restoration services, please call us.

Contact FloStop Restoration for the Best Service in Fort Myers, Naples, & Sarasota

FloStop Restoration, LLC provides emergency water heater repair and cleanup services to businesses and residents all around Southwest Florida, including in Port Charlotte, Alva, Fort Myers, Venice, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Naples, and many other cities and towns. From water damage restoration to mold remediation, whatever type of water damage you’re dealing with, we can clean it up and restore your property for you FAST.


Our fully licensed and insured water damage removal and restoration technicians are available to help any time, 24/7. Water damage from a burst pipe is a big threat to your property and also to your health. Make sure you choose a restoration company like FloStop that is capable of acting fast, that utilizes the best cleanup equipment, that has lots of experience, and that will, ultimately, deliver you the cleanup and restoration you need to get your property back to looking like-new and minimizing expenses.

Want to learn more about FloStop Restoration, LLC? Read our About Us page. If you would like to receive a free water damage cleanup and restoration estimate or schedule an emergency water heater leak repair and cleanup, contact us now!