5 Signs That Your Home Has Water Damage

Jessica Gordon

Water damage in your home can turn into a total nightmare. Your best line of defense is to stay vigilant and aware of changes in your home. This could likely save you a tremendous amount of money and headache down the road. So, what are these changes we are referring to? Here’s a list of 5 most prevalent signs you should be looking for.


1. Dark or wet spots on the wall or ceiling:

These spots are usually yellow or brown in color and can have swollen or bubbled edges. These ugly blemishes are caused by moisture that has been there a long time and has since dried up.


2. A damp, musty or moldy smell:

 Trust your nose. A scent similar to that of wet laundry that has been left in your washing machine for several days could be a sign of mold caused by moisture. Take all similar smells seriously.


3. Peeling or bubbling paint:

This happens when the drywall has absorbed enough water to cause it to swell. When the swelling occurs, it pushes on the paint provoking it to peel, crack or bubble.

4. Visible mold growth on the walls and baseboards:

 If mold appears on these surfaces in an area that is not near any plumbing fixtures it’s a great indication that there is a source of moisture hidden behind those walls; and a great deal of problems.

5. A higher than normal water bill:

One colossal telltale sign of a water leak is a sudden substantial increase in the cost of your water bill. Take note of any possible lifestyle changes that could have contributed before immediately jumping to conclusions. If no notable changes have occurred, presumably there is a leak.

This is a short list and far from complete. When in doubt, call the water damage restoration experts  to assess the situation for you. Do not ignore it. It is not going away on it’s own. In fact, it will get worse; and it will get expensive. Only a certified technician can eradicate any issues safely and completely.

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