Dangers Of Copper Pipes In Your Home

Your Older Home Is At Risk Of Flooding

There are several older homes with copper piping but why are copper pipes no longer used? With the recent decline in copper pipe use, it’s very important for homeowners to understand why. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know what’s best for you and your home. Copper pipes are no longer used in homes because they are inexpensive and corrosion resistant. Yes, that’s corrosion resistant, not corrosion proof. If you are having issues and live in the area near Sarasota, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Punta Gorda, call FloStop Restoration now. We are your local expert for all types of water removal and restoration services. Don’t forget, we also have 24/7 emergency services and will be there within an hour of you calling us!


Florida Homes With Copper Pipes

Many older homes in Florida still have copper pipes. Copper pipes are found to last up to 50 years. But, Florida water and copper pipes do not mix well. The hard water in Florida causes pinholes to appear in the pipes. These holes in the copper piping start out very small, you probably won’t even notice them. It may even look like your pipes are just sweating. Over time, these pinholes will keep growing. If you think your home might be suffering from copper pipe leaks, you need to find a water restoration company near you immediately. If this problem isn’t caught soon enough, the pipes can burst, and your entire house will flood.


When Your House Floods, Call FloStop Restoration

We hope that you never have to worry about your home suffering from a flood. But, it is inevitable and you need to always have a backup plan if it ever were to happen. If you are in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sarasota, or Punta Gorda, FloStop Restoration should be your go-to company. We have over 50 years of experience and can handle all types of water damage restoration. If your home is currently flooding or you have any questions, call us now or visit our website for more information!

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