What Is Orange Mold?

What is orange and slimy that grows on food and woods? If you guessed orange mold, you’re totally correct! Orange mold is a type of mold that is commonly seen growing outside but can grow and survive on tons of different surfaces such as wood floors, food in your home, and even tile in your rooms/bathrooms. This type of mold is most commonly mistaken to be rust at first, that is until this “rust” starts to look fuzzy and slimy. Orange mold may not have as many risk as black mold but, it still does have its own risks. 

What It Looks Like

At first, you’ll probably notice an orange stain. This may be in your bathroom, on your food, or on anything that’s wood in your home. You have probably seen it growing outside on wood actually. 

Why It Appears

Just like any other type of mold, orange mold loves moisture. Burst pipes, leaks, showers, and bathrooms are all perfect reasons for orange mold to grow. Mold loves growing in poorly ventilated places such as a stuffy bathroom or any other tight places with bad ventilation. 

How To Get Rid Of It 

Getting rid of orange mold all depends on how bad the extent of it is. If you see a few orange spots in your bathroom or any minor effected area, you can use any type of cleaning spray to get rid of it if it contains bleach. Just make sure that any object you use to clean the mold is thrown away because it might still be able to grow off of those cleaning supplies. 

Do You Need Professionals?

Having a team of professionals come to your home and get rid of orange mold is a very smart choice to make. No matter what mold is in your home, it can be hard to remove it. Using a half water half vinegar solution can also help clean this problem if it is minor. If you have a bigger area that’s affected, it’ll be smart to hire a mold removal company so you know you’ll be taken care of. FloStop Restoration can fix your mold problem as well as restore your home back to its natural state!

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